AUSTAR electrolarynx / speech aid

With the AUSTAR electrolarynx / speech aid it is possible to speak immediately after surgery. It is very easy to learn and especially suited for noisy environments and stressful situations.

Excellent sound quality

Using digital IC, the performance is stable, the call is clear, and the product is consistent.

Management with functionality

The AUSTAR electrolarynx has four segment of audio and four segment of volume to allows users to choose their own audio and volume by holding up the AB buttons (please refer to instruction of use ), according to their speech speed and the size of their voice. It is suitable for any country's language and any circumstances.

Long- life battery performance

The standard rechargeable battery package includes 2 pcs 1000mAh battery , creating a new long-life, independence and flexibility experience.

Appearance and material

The appearance is made of aviation aluminum, high temperature resistant coil, and internal plastic adopts professional engineering plastics, which has the characteristics of shockproof ,anti skidding and anti falling.


Oral Adapter

In certain situations, for example after surgery or during radiation treatment, it is not possible to place the speech aid at the throat. For these situations the oral adapter that is attached to the sound cap of the AUSTAR digital can be used.

Supply Contents of the AUSTAR ELECTROLARYNX -Set

AUSTAR Electrolarynx Speech Aid
9V charger
2 pcs 9v 1000 mAh batteries
Safety cord with cord protector
Oral adapter
Instructions for use